Soup of the Day 007 (Drum n’ Bass)

Andy C is certainly no stranger to the electronic scene; he’s been making ‘EDM’ since long before ‘EDM’ was a thing. With his first tune hitting dancefloors as early as 1993, he has since released a steady torrent of pulse-pounding drum n’ bass and more recently dubstep heaters. At 40 years young, Andy C shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. If you’re a dnb fan, you should have no trouble enjoying today’s soup. Opening with some lively piano chords and infectious vocal melodies courtesy of one ‘Fiora’, this track segues beautifully into that signature low-and-gritty synth + energetic drums n’ bassline sound we’ve grown to love. Without further ado, Andy C’s ‘Heartbeat Loud’.

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