Soup of the Day 010 [Chill Trap]

For those of you who aren’t familiar with TYNVN (pronounced ‘tie-nan’), this producer has been lighting up Soundcloud over the last year or so with a barrage of original tunes, collaborations, and remixes. No matter what mood you’re in, this guy’s got something for you; the tracks range from dancefloor heaters, to chilled-out grooves, and cover just about everything in between. Many of them feature drops that cross into different genres, making for a thoroughly entertaining listening experience all around. Tonight’s soup is a remix collaboration (NIGHTOWLS x TYNVN) of a song that was originally produced by EDM’s veteran duo Adventure Club feat. vocalist ELEA. The original song has a fairly deep, downtempo feel, and this remix keeps those flavors intact while adding a decidedly darker, heavier backdrop for the stirring vocals and melodies. Enjoy.


Check out TYNVN


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