Soup of the Day 011 [Dubstep/Trap]

These days, it is not at all uncommon to see DJs/producers who have traditionally stayed within one sub-genre of EDM to start branching out and differentiating their respective sounds. Trap and dubstep producers showing a softer side, house djs breaking out of the 4-on-the-floor formula, and so forth. Today’s soup is brought to you by a DJ who has become infamous over the last year-and-change for his heavy bass-house sound. Going by the name ‘JVST SAY YES’, this artist has taken the standard kick/cymbal/snare beat we all know and love from more traditional house-music styles and combined it with dubstep’s heavy ‘wobble-bass’ synthesizers. The results have been quite remarkable, and JVST SAY YES has unsurprisingly been gaining rapid ground since his debut Soundcloud track ‘All I Need’ was released around this time last year. In JSY’s more recent releases, he has been adventuring out of the bass-house world and into the realm of  heavy trap music, which brings us to today’s share. Please enjoy JSY’s newest Soundcloud release, ‘Arrive’:



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