Soup of the Day 012 [Future-Bass]

The future-bass sound has become a pretty popular target for new producers looking to break into the EDM scene lately, and being a huge fan of this subgenre, I’m pretty stoked about it. Tonight’s soup is brought to you by two artists who are fairly new to the game, but have clearly had plenty of practice. BVRNOUT works out of Massachusetts, and has been growing a nice little collection of original tracks, collabs, and remixes over the last year. Sad Panda, a gentleman hailing from the faraway land of New Zealand, has released only a few songs and remixes so far, including other artists’ remixes of a recent collaboration with BVRNOUT. Said original track, ‘For You’, features Kiva on vocals, and if this song doesn’t have your head bobbing… you might be a robot. The airy synths/vocal chops and bouncy bassline make the overall tone of this track pretty light, rendering it perfect for just about any occasion.


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