Soup of the Day 013 [Dubstep]

Since its establishment in 2009, most EDM fans have found the notorious ‘Circus Records’ to be synonymous with the heavier side of bass music. Founded by Flux Pavilion and Doctor P, among others, this group has been churning out a steady flow of dubstep, trap, and other heat with almost startling consistency. Today, I bring to you a soup prepared by one of the newer faces to the record label: CRaymak. Hailing from the majestic Canadian north, CRaymak has been releasing tracks on Soundcloud for about a year, and appears to have been DJing for quite a while prior. His musical style has been self-labeled as ‘hybrid-trap’, and after hearing it, I think you’ll agree that no matter what you call it, it’s downright dirty-as-hell. Without further ado, please enjoy his new remix off the ‘Circus Three’ collaboration album; originally produced by Dr. Meaker, this song features one ‘Yolanda’ laying down some soulful vocals, and has been flipped into an all-out dubstep banger.

Follow CRaymak:

Check out Dr. Meaker and his sick collection of ‘Live Dirt and Soul’ music:

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