Prix-Fixe Menu Vol. 3 [Future-House/Bass-House]

Good evening folks…if you read the title of this post, then you know what time it is.  I finished this new volume of the Prix-Fixe Menu last night, and I think it’s my favorite mix yet. This one’s pretty straightforward; if you like house music, you’ll probably dig this. If you don’t like house music, you won’t like this one bit. If you’re not sure how you feel about house music, maybe this will help you figure that out. This mix is roughly 3 parts future-house to 1 part bass-house. For those of you who don’t really mess with subgenres, Wikipedia defines ‘future-house’ as a hybrid of deep-house and general EDM music. As I mentioned in a previous post, ‘bass-house’ is essentially a hybrid of dubstep and house. Jauz is probably the most well-known producer of the latter, and definitely contributed to the establishment of the style. In any case, I digress; please enjoy the third installment of the Prix-Fixe Menu!

Tracklist in Soundcloud link. Download link

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