Soup of the Day 014 (Future-Bass)

If you fancy yourself an EDM fan and aren’t familiar with the subjects of today’s SOTD, it’s time for some serious knowledge to get dropped. Zeds Dead, the legendary producer duo from Toronto, Canada have been making music since as early as 2006, beginning with hip-hop and slowly making the transition to electronic around 2009-10. Once they made this turn, there was no stopping them. It’s difficult to find a style or subgenre of EDM that these two haven’t conquered, whether it’s house, dnb, dubstep, or more recently trap, chill-trap, and future-bass. Today’s soup falls somewhere between those last two, and is a collaboration between Zeds Dead & NGHTMRE, featuring GG Magree on vocals. This song is fairly lowkey leading up to the drops, but quickly transforms into a massive future-bass heater, sure to give any festival or dancefloor a collective case of goosebumps. Enjoy…

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