Fraiche-Ups [01] (Mashup Mix: Dubstep, Hip-Hop)

Occasionally I swerve out of the song-to-song mixing lane and try to make something that ends up sounding a little more unique and interesting. The topic of this post is the first such collection I have felt has been good enough to share, which manifests as a mix of several dubstep/hip-hop mashups I created in early 2016. There are a couple unmodified tunes as well by Savoy/Prismo and K-Theory, respectively, which I threw in just for fun. I haven’t messed around with mash-ups in several months, but if people dig these I will most likely be making a ‘Fraiche-Ups [02]’ in the near future. Enjoy!


[Fabian Mazur – Juice] x [Yo Gotti – Women Lie Men Lie]

[Aazar – Lay It Down] x [Logic – Ballin]

[Savoy & Prismo – A1 feat. K!NG Z3U$]
[Grabbitz – Ballin’] x [Ludacris – Get Lit]
[Them Lost Boys & Treyis – Hourglass] x [Mac Miller – Goosebumpz]
[Ricky Remedy – Bound] x [Damien Rome – Look No Further]
[K Theory & Adara – Wild Things feat. Terry Mack]
[JumoDaddy – Black Horse] x [New Boyz – FM$]

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