Footloose [A Drum&Bass Mix]

Based on the slim percentage of D&B songs that make it onto Spotify’s more popular Electronic playlists, I’d say this subgenre is not too heavily featured in most folks’ EDM diet. That’s a damn shame. Drum & Bass was one of the first subgenres to break free of Electronic music’s earliest and most basic roots, and is a result of some unusual combination of dub, tribal drum patterns, and synthesizers. I’ve heard one of the reasons people tend to steer clear of it is that it is difficult to dance to, which is hard to argue with. The high-bpms of most D&B tracks combined with various syncopated rhythms and beats make it really hard to match to many dance moves, let alone the ‘Bump’n’grind’ styles that you see at most club scenes these days. While this complaint is fairly valid, if you’re like me and you’ve seen people throw down proper to D&B music, you realize that it’s entirely possible to bust a variety of moves to it and look like a total baller whilst you do. It’s pretty goddamn fun to watch. If you’re unfamiliar with Drum & Bass, give this mix a go and see what you think. I tried to feature as many facets of the genre as I could; some of these tracks are melodic and vocal driven, while others are heavy and dark. Others still are more abstract, and driven by crazy breakbeats and rhythms. Dig in:



Krale – Need You Again feat. Jasmina Lin
Andy C. x Fiora – Heartbeat Loud VIP
Tantrum Desire – Oblivion feat. Solah
Calyx x TeeBee – Long Gone
DC Breaks x Prolix – Infinity
Zeds Dead – Me No Care
ShockOne – Lazerbeam feat. Metrik & Kyza
Killer Hertz – Cryogenics
Delta Heavy – Kill Room
James Marvel – Way Of The Warrior
Noisia x The Upbeats – Dead Limit
Delta Heavy – Reborn (June Miller Remix)
Botnek x I See MONSTAS – Deeper Love
Metrik – Freefall feat. Reija Lee
Dabin x Koto – Kyoto
Delta Heavy – White Flag VIP
June Miller – Bad Brains
Three20 – Free Your Mind
WRLD x FATHERDUDE – Galaxies (Logistics Remix)
Infuze – Go Away feat. Charlie Vox (Posij Remix)
Mantis – Depths feat. Maksim
Delta Heavy – Pathways
Kove – El Camino
Matrix x Futurebound – Fire feat. Max Marshall
Wilkinson – Breathe feat. Shannon Saunders
Feint – We Won’t Be Alone feat. Laura Brehm
Dirtyphonics x 12th Planet – Freefall feat. Julie Hardy
Raw Theory – Meltdown
Delta Heavy – Tremors
Protostar – No Turning Back
Calyx x TeeBee – Skank
Wilkinson – Too Close VIP
Delta Heavy – Ghost
Tritonal – Blackout feat. Steph Jones (Cyantific Remix)
Andy Sim x Kalum – Mosaic


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Thanks for listening!

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