Dark Side Vol. 3 (A Dubstep & Trap Mix)

Two mixes posted in one day? You god damn better believe it. Since I posted a chill mix first, I thought it appropriate to balance it out with something on the heavier side. For those of you who’ve listened to either of the first two Dark Side volumes, you probably have a pretty good idea of what’s to come in Vol. 3: trap, dubstep, and a boatload of bass. For best results, turn your speakers up LOUD.


Jay Karama – Keep Calm
Dimebag x Pasdat – Ride Out
DELAY – Before The Storm
Tha Trickaz – Little Bombay
JETSET – Flight
12th Planet – Hide It All feat. Crichy Crich
Graphyt x Ecraze – Jam Faya
CLOAKS – Wraith
Dodo j5 – Hallucinations feat. Megan O’Neill (The Fitter Mood Remix)
Black Lions – Turn Me Off
Callie Reiff x DAPP – Wobble (Blvk Sheep Remix)
Tvboo – Unspeakable
dialedIN – Jaw
DVBBS – Moonrock feat. Juicy J
Geniux – Hiatus
Tha Trickaz – Hood Bodega
Bear Grillz x Figure – The Game
Slander x YOOKiE – After All feat. Jinzo (Xilent Remix)
Koke Rutter – Valley
Bonnie x Clyde x Chips x Ahoy – Worth It
SCRVP x Maliboux – Ascend
Royal Disco – More Than Friends feat. Ben Goldstein & Hits O Good
The Dual Personality x Happyboxx – Terrible Dude
Habstrakt x Basstrick – Bounce With Me
Max Mucus – Snotical
KANDY – Dreaming
TrollPhace – Optimal Flavor Zone
Prismo – Allstar
Maradonai x Greg Gatsby – Ready For It
LUMBERJVCK – Pantheon, House Of The Gods feat. LVNKY
Craz – Money Money
Hopsteady – Bottle Swipin
Bite Me – Caution
Koke Rutter – Whack
Eliminate x Glockwize – Kill Em
Tvboo x Hypnotick – Concussion
Bone N Skin – Brain Stuff
PURGE – Die Tonight
PhaseOne – UFO
Take/Five x Curfew – Kalahari
Tha Trickaz – Cloud City


Thanks for listening!

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