Lucid Dreaming Vol. 2 – A Chill EDM Mix

With summer quickly approaching, I’ve taken it upon myself to ensure that there’s some good chill music to relax and unwind to after whatever warm weather awesomeness you get into during the day. The first Lucid Dreaming was fairly popular on the ol’ Soundcloud page, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to put together a part two to that mix series. This time around, the tune selection isn’t quite as heavy on the downtempo tracks, but still makes for a great post-party come-down, backdrop for a scenic evening drive, or for a nice walk through whatever nature you have access to. Enjoy!


0:00 Wizard – Body
2:30 Obesan – Melting Into You feat. Hartry
4:25 TeZATalks – Invisible
7:24 Kayjo – Trophy feat. Rah Rah The Savage (Justice Skolnik Remix)
9:23 SteLouse – Lovers feat. Brave
11:56 Anevo – Feel Something feat. Kayla Diamond
13:38 Nola Wren x Kill Dave – Knife (Tofu Remix)
15:59 Tha Trickaz – With The Flow
18:15 Roger Wilco – Kharon
20:18 Solstis – Echoes
22:35 Modl – Fallen
23:59 La Tartine x Sibel – Stay
25:50 Modl – Years From Now
28:57 Just A Gent – Rolling Dice feat. Ella Vos & Joey Chavez
30:27 Ezgod x Sinego – Marianne
34:11 Jeriqo – Memory
35:08 Maesu – White Peach (Koyu Remix)
37:02 VOLO – Traces
40:43 Feral Fauna – Tincture (Taylor Thomas x CRVE U Remix)
41:36 metr – Fantasy
42:54 Norman Doray x Anevo – feat. Lia Marie Johnson
44:20 Seven Lions – Creation (Sunday Service Remix)
46:34 Dual Force – Messin’ With The OG
47:52 Elanne – Bonana
50:06 Toy Box – Catahoula
51:52 Dropout – So Long feat. ZADA
53:28 CLAMR – Clout feat. Sophia Cruz (PartyWave Remix)
53:51 Miny – Dare You feat. Joeyyy
56:20 DIGY – Tragedy feat. KIRSCH
57:11 Lakuno – Echo feat. Bahar Dopran
57:40 Adventure Club – Limitless feat. Delaney Jane
58:01 SLEEPLUST – Lone Black (Cosmic Sense Remix)
60:02 Metsa – Trails
61:10 Camikaze – Kiss feat. Abbie Louise
63:16 Hearts & Colors – Lighthouse (Andrelli Remix)
65:11 Kilter – They Don’t Know Us (The Geek x Vrv Remix)
65:49 Cappa Regime – Home
68:15 Saint Mesa – Jungle (Shallou Remix)
69:12 Mbe – Quiet Night Thoughts
70:37 Thomas Vx – Conflicted
72:10 Mating Ritual – Cold feat. Lizzy Land

Thanks for listening! If you enjoyed these tracks, please go show the artists and producers who created them some love ❤

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