The Plug [A Trap & Hip-Hop Mix]

While I’ve dabbled a bit in the past with including rap and hip-hop tracks in a few mixes, I’ve never really gone into creating one with the goal of making it one of the primary genres featured. In my ongoing quest to keep things interesting, I’ve decided to do exactly that. ‘The Plug’ was created with the intention of blurring the lines between rap and hip-hop songs that feature ‘trap-style’ instrumentation and the Trap Music subgenre that falls under the ever-expanding EDM umbrella. Heavy, rhythmic basslines, modulated kicks, snares, and hi-hats, and percussive vocals tend to be the trademarks of both, and if you’re a fan of any of the above, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy this mix from beginning to end.

In this rare circumstance, I will not be posting a tracklist for this mix here on the interweb. If anyone would like a list of the songs it features, I’d be happy to send one directly. The reason for this is that Universal music reported me for copyright violation for using just a short clip of one of their artists’ tracks in one of my earlier mixes last year. Because of this, Soundcloud had to remove it. In an effort to support the enjoyment of music for enjoyment sake, I am trying anything I can to avoid this reoccurring.

Thanks for listening!


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